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Because dogs

don't bring

their own


The Daily Scooper can help you keep your

yard poopy free by scooping your yard

weekly, twice weekly, or bi-weekly whatever

suits your needs. Let us do the poopin’-scoopin’

for you.

Connecticut Shoreline Areas served: New Haven, East Haven, Branford, North Branford, Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, Old Saybrook. Northford, Durham, Middlefield, Meriden, Wallingford, North Haven, Hamden & Cheshire

If you don’t see your town listed here contact us. We may be able to provide service for you.

Our Services

*All rates are per visit. Price subject to change.


1-2 Dogs

Weekly: Starting at $15

Bi-Weekly: Starting at $20


3-4 Dogs

Weekly: Starting at $17

Bi-Weekly: Starting at $24




More Dogs/

Larger Yards

Weekly Call for an in-yard quote
Twice Weekly Call for an in-yard quote
Bi-Weekly Call for an in-yard quote

Weekly - Call for an in-yard quote
Twice Weekly - Call for an in-yard quote
Bi-Weekly - Call for an in-yard quote


Specialty Service:

Powerwashing for Home/Patio/Decks

The Daily Scooper Now Accepts:

Our Services

Our Policy

& Procedures


The Daily Scooper will:
• Remove pet waste from your yard and other designated areas (playscapes, sandboxes, etc.) –bag it and haul it away for disposal.
• Disinfect tools and shoes after every clean up to avoid the spread of germs and diseases.
• Respect your home, pets, and privacy. Treat you and your pets with professionalism and kindness.

The Daily Scooper will not:
• Enter your yard if your pet is aggressive. If your pet is aggressive or has been in the past, please keep him inside during the time your yard is being cleaned. 
• Be able to service a yard that has high grass, excessive leaves or debris in the yard. we will do the best possible job under these circumstances but please understand you will be charged for the visit.

• Invoices will be e-mailed at the last visit of every month. Any invoice not paid by the 10th of the month with incure a $10 late fee, no exceptions. You may pay your invoice by cash, check, venmo or Apple Pay. No contracts, start and stop service at any time.

• You may pay your invoice by cash, check or charge card.

What Our Customers Say


“I have been working with The Daily Scooper for over 10 years! They're honest, reliable, and their work is impeccable. I highly reccomend the services they provide

Phil N.


I few years ago a friend of mine saw me walking my yard with a small shovel and a bucket, and asked me what I was doing? I told them, I need to clean up the dog poop in my yard every week before I mow, otherwise it gets stuck in the tires and stinks the whole place up. They told me to call Scott Testa, the owner of “The Daily Scooper”, to address this issue. We were so impressed with Scott after meeting him that we immediately gave him our business, or more accurately, our dogs business. Well, 3 years have passed. Our lawn has never looked better and Scott still comes once a week. We’ve actually became good friends. Scott is a true gentleman with an “Old Fashion” attitude! I have 100% faith in Scott and his business and would recommend him to anyone!


"Scott has been one of the best things we have found since moving to CT. Without the normal boxed backyard we found our dogs going everywhere and with kids and work schedules it was impossible to keep up. Scott is a wonderful friendly face every week and is someone we never knew we couldn’t live without. If you have dogs, you need Scott!"

Dan & Courtney H.

Thomas R.

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